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Shin Deep

Praise for Shin Deep

How does one blurb really fine poetry? That's like bird droppings on clean white linen on a clothesline. I guess I would say that: "In this little book, you will find both the deepest meaning and meaninglessness of life. If you are afraid to cry, do not read it." —Gene Logsdon

Amy Groshek's work not only reflects my literary genesis—those virtuoso heartland poets I read in the '60s and '70s—it moreover speaks to my very genetics, to the Polish-Italian DNA helices of my rural Wisconsin roots. Riffing like the feminine flipside to a John Mellencamp LP, SHIN DEEP turns stanzas into rock choruses into black-paged shapshots of the soulful, mournful folk of small-town America. This bushel basket of a book, this cornucopia of emotional honesty, is not, unfortunately, for everyone; it is for those who need to know where one of our most nutritional human foods, Poetry, is home-grown. —Paul Zarzyski

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Shin Deep is a chapbook composed of narrative poems set at the tail end of the Farm Crisis. Some of the poems are first-person confessional (that is, stories told by yours truly), and some of them are dramatic monologues (that is, narrated by a fictional character). The poems focus on family relations and the relationships farmers have with the land and with animals.

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Shin Deep is now available for purchase on Amazon, and at Finishing Line Press. If you can't obtain a copy from either of those sources, contact me.